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Poshsec is a PowerShell module focused on security in the Windows environment.


  • Poshsec focuses on PowerShell version 3.0.
  • Provides a wide array of security tests for: user accounts and web sites.
  • Manipulate data with cryptography, encoding, encryption and hashing.
  • Use privilege escalation to find pre and post-exploitation opportunities on Windows systems.
  • Work within Microsoft's Security Compliance manager framework on Windows 7 (current version only) to harden systems to industry standards.

Poshsec aims to provide network and system administrators as well as security professionals a complete toolbox for testing, validating and reporting on your systems. The Poshsec project is looking for developers, testers and contributors who want to expand upon the ever-increasing needs of Windows security enhancement. Our goal is to provide a framework for the full-cycle of security testing in the Windows platform.

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